theramon readers


Theramon USB-BT-PEN Reader

Theramon RPB (Remote Patient Box)

The pen reader serves as a reader for physicians with patients coming in regularly for treatment or ongoing monitoring. The data is transferred via USB cable or bluetooth to an internet connected device. (i.e. PC, tablet, smartphone) and from there further to the cloud based database.


The theramon- RPB is an electronic box that remains with the patient, when there is no need for regular visits. As soon as the patient inserts the brace or sleeping splint with the integrated theramon sensor into the box, the sensor is read aout and the measured values are transferred to the cloud database via WiFi. The RPB can charge the sensor’s battery wirelessly, increasing its lifetime infinitely. An integrated UV-LED supports fighting germs and bacteria while the onboard memory can store the data of multiple sensors over several years, thus enabling longterm offline use without any risk of data loss.

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