In September 2010, after a 5-years-lasting challenging development of the final ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), theramon® microsensor technology was introduced to the worldwide dental markets. Since then, theramon® created the Golden Standard on high-tech patient compliance monitoring. More than 150.000 sensors have been embedded in dental devices and other medical aids since. Many success stories have been written over the years, as awareness on needed prove of compliance ist continuously growing.

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The system


Theramon® is an electronic system consisting of three components. It enables an objective evaluation and full documentation of real wearing time.




theramon® sensors

These are very compact-sized high-tech micro sensors containing an application specific integrade circuit (ASIC), which measures and stores the sensor data in adjustable intervals. The sensor is powered by a small rechargeable Li-Ion dry cell battery. Stored data is transmitted wirelessly via an onboard antenna (RFID) to a dedicated reader device.

15 Months.

guaranteed lifetime starting from the date of activation.


Compact format of 9x13x4 mm (0.35×0.51x0x16 in)


The measuring intervall is selectable (1-3600 sec.) to fit your intended application


Depending on the selected interval – 100 days at 15 minutes

Sleep Mode

theramon® sensors always remain in sleep mode and only wake up to take measurements to ensure long lasting lifetime.


theramon® sensors can be charged when placed in the Remote Patient Box – coming soon


theramon® Sensor C

The theramon® Sensor C is an even more compact sensor than the theramon® S, but also has a reduced lifetime due to the smaller battery.
In combination with the theramon® Remote Patient Box (RPB) theramon® C sensors’ lifetime can be charged to an almost indefinite lifetime.

Thin, thinner

ultimately thin – with a height of only 2mm (0.08 in)

Ever Lasting

in combination with the theramon® Remote Patient Box

~3 months

is the lifespan of a theramon® Sensor C without charging due to the smaller battery.

Different size – same features

theramon® C and theramon® S differ only in size and lifetime.

theramon® pen reader

The theramon® pen reader is the device of choice for dental offices to patients’ compliance data during doctors’ consultancy. Data can be transferred either via USB cable or Bluetooth enabling great mobility during patient support.



Portable and handy

The sleek and soft rubber reading nose enables good access to sensors even in delicate or complex appliances with sensors placed hard to reach.

theramon® Cloud Application

The theramon® cloud application can be accesed with any operating system (MacOS®, Android®, MS Windows®,…). To retrieve data from sensors and transmit it to the cloud with the pen reader, the reader client requiring MS Windows® is needed. Theramon® RPB does not require any additional software.

Play Video

Intuitive Design

The graphic user interface is self-explaining and easy to use.

Read locally – evaluate globally

Reding and evaluationg stored data are independent from each other.

Data protection & security

theramon® fully complies to current GDPR regulations (German server) & has highest level data security.

2-Factor Authentication

Latest technology to protect from unauthorized cloud access.


A one-time licence fee covers future updates with no futher costs.

Continuous Improvement

New features are added regurlarly keeping theramon® always up-to-date.


theramon® Remote Patient Box (RPB)

The theramon® Remote Patient Box – RPB – is a multifunctional device placed at the patient’s home and connected to their local WiFi. Compliance data is available to the doctor in almost real time without seeing the patient. Without WiFi connection theramon® RPB can store huge amounts of data onboard.

Unlimited Sensor Lifetime

theramon® RPB charges sensors’ battery when placed inside.

Direct Upload

The RPB can be connected with WiFi to directly upload the wear-time data into the theramon® cloud.

Onboard Memory

A great amount of data, even of different appliances can be stored on the RPB and can be retrieved via USB cable.

Innovative Design

Button free setup via smartphone connection and easy to follow motion control procedures.

UV light inside

A UV light inside the theramon® RPB switches on when the lid is  closed and helps fighting germs and bacteria.

Data protection & Security

Secure and encrypted data transmission and regular over-the-air updates ensure longterm reliability and up to date technology in the future.

major applications


Originally invented to monitor children’s adherence to orthodontic treatment, Theramon today covers a much geater range of applications. Knowing the the patients’ wearing behaviour of medical remedies in the different medical fields is of enormous importance for today’s modern medicine. The reasons for objective wearing time documentation may be medically justified for efficient patient treatment.  In other cases the knowledge about a good patient compliance may be required to protect against legal consequences or restrictions for various professionals (e.g. withdrawal of truckers’ drivers licence).



Recommended Equipment


Software license and  theramon® USB-BT-PEN reader


Brace/splint/aligner with theramon® microsensor

In orthodontics, microsensors are mainly used in removable braces for children and teenagers and additionally in special splints or so-called aligners mostly for adults. The sensors are read at regular check-ups. The knowledge of the actual use enables on the one hand an optimal orthodontic treatment and on the other hand a very early recognition of possibly necessary treatment corrections.

nonrusso protrusor

dental sleep medicine

Recommended Equipment


Software license, theramon® USB-BT-PEN reader Ι optional: theramon® RPB


Sleeping splint with theramon® microsensor Ι optional: theramon® RPB

In dental sleep medicine, the microsensors are mainly used in special dental sleep appliances to treat patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. While a proper dental sleep appliance can significantly reduce the apnea index, the proven use of a – possibly even legally – prescribed minimum can prevent impending restrictions in everyday professional life (e.g. withdraval of truckers’ drivers licences).



Recommended Equipment


Software license and theramon® USB-BT-PEN reader


Eye patches or shutter glasses with theramon® microsensor

In ophthalmology sometimes it is necessary to cover one eye with an eye patch or use electronic shutter glasses. For an efficient healing process it is essential to follow medically prescribed minimum wearing times. For this purpose, the microsensors are integrated directly into the eye patches or, in case of shutter glasses, attached to the temple of the glasses. This enables the sensor to record temperature values with sufficient precision ensuring reliable wear time recording.



Due to the complexity of the various medical aids in which the sensor can be optimally used, this particularly consulting-intensive case of application has been exclusively outsourced to a globally active business partner. If you are interested in this special user case , please contact us. We will be happy to forward your inquiry.


thermo sensitive

Theramon® is ideally suited for cold chain monitoring of thermosensitive goods like human samples, food or pharmaceutical products,´. If you are interested in this applicatiion or in using our technology for your own special purposes, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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